With the cost of petrol spiraling, it makes more sense than ever to convert your car to LPG. Like everything these days, new technology in LPG conversion kits has made them even more efficient. No power drop, smoother driveability and even better economy. Ask about the latest liquid LPG injection kits today.


    Don’t pay inflated dealer workshop prices. Our fully equipped mechanical workshop can provide you with affordable servicing, maintenance and mechanical repairs for your vehicle. We can do your simple oil and filter change or the full 100,000 km service.

    Computerised Dyno at Smithys 283 x 189

    Smithy’s has just installed the very latest Dynomotive 2WD-4WD Dynamometer to allow far more accurate tuning for standard 2 and 4 wheel drive cars, 4WD’s and high performance models. Our computerised dyno allows us to reproduce all sorts of road conditions right here in our workshop .



The Best Autogas Conversions in Melbourne.

Smithy’s LPG and Automotive Services offer the highest quality LPG autogas conversions in Melbourne, and they are backed by an amazing LIFETIME GUARANTEE*.

If you have come to this website to find the cheapest conversions around, you probably won’t find it here.

If you are here to find an RACV approved A Grade facility that offers the best automotive autogas LPG conversions and installations at great prices, you will. Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services ensures our system selection and fittings are right for your vehicle the first time around.

The first step is to understand the correct type of system required for you and your vehicle. This may be a Gas Research LPG System, sequential vapour injection system, as used by Holden, Toyota and Mitsubishi, a JTG high performance liquid injection system, an Orbital LPI high performance liquid injection system, as fitted by HSV and Ford, or even a “Mayhem” by SPD custom vapour or liquid injection high performance autogas system

We are so confident in this that we are offering an industry-leading autogas conversion LIFETIME GUARANTEE* on workmanship and materials!

Removing a Fuel tank for an LPG conversion  283 x 189In fact, you may well have been directed to this website by another installer to acquire accurate information on the most suitable equipment for your vehicle, and receive a quote on behalf of Smithy’s top quality installations. This installer may have also suggested you should return to them for a better price.

At Smithy’s, we are often concerned when installers don’t know what equipment to use or how much to charge. We can guarantee you that our competitors’ car conversions and autogas installations, tuning and back-up services will not be up to Smithy’s standard.

To understand the experience and credibility of this company, our Alternate Automotive Fuels Registration (AAFRB) number, which was issued 25 years ago, is AFR 00014.


Computerised Dyno at Smithys 283 x 189When we conduct autogas conversions, we provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE* ON ALL PARTS AND LABOUR.

Our systems are tuned through a state of the art all-wheel drive Dyno Dynamics dynamometer, from which you will receive the before and after graphs showing the power and torque of your autogas injection system. No other LPG installer in Melbourne can offer both of these features.

The quality of our autogas conversions start with the information provided on this website and continue through the quotation, installation and service life of the vehicle. Our confidence is supported by our Lifetime Guarantee as a company that has been in business for a quarter of a century.

Here at Smithy’s LPG, we have been providing Melbourne autogas conversions for the last 25 years and we believe that there is no substitute for quality – our professionally qualified technicians only install the injection system that is right for your car. We are VACC and RACV accredited and we provide aftercare along with a free complimentary LPG service. We also offer a full range of mechanical services to keep your car in tip top condition.

Perhaps you have been considering an E85 – Ethanol conversion. Ethanol has several benefits for the enthusiast:

1. It has a high octane rating of 104-107 RON
2. Due to the volume of fuel used, air intake temperature is substantially cooler. This intercooling effect creates a “denser” more compact air/fuel mixture.
3. The combination of the cold, high octane allows the Tuner to use more boost and ignition timing to create power and torque gains above 98 PULP.
4. This type of modification or upgrade is also available with supercharging turbo charging performance and 4×4 vehicles.

For further information on E85 please look at our E85 conversion page.

*Apply for a FREE online quote and to see our Lifetime Guarantee terms and conditions.